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Ensuring Customer Success.

For over a decade, AICBS has helped ___ customers. We continue to improve the interior and exterior appearances of facilities or homes year-round with our full-service custodial cleaning programs—tailored to meet the exact needs of the individual customer. Your visitors and employees will notice the difference that AICBS can make.

Locally Owned and Operated Has Its Advantages

We are a full service company serving you with professionalism and reliability. We tailor our cleaning regimens to each client’s needs to ensure the best ongoing outcome for your home and business.
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, AICBS has easy and direct access to many surrounding areas in southeast Michigan. Flexible scheduling works around your timeframe, and on-site cleaning and maintenance services will leave your facility looking like new.


Reliability and commitment are the cornerstones of AICBS company culture. We strive to foster a culture not typically associated with the custodial management industry. Our team of professionals are trained and empowered to make real-time decisions that reflect our mission of total customer satisfaction in every job performed. We define our culture simply by how the AICBS front-line staff performs—with integrity, honesty and a desire to positively affect your success, no matter the cost.
Ownership, teamwork, personal accountability, and loyalty are central to our foundation—a foundation built on customer satisfaction and proven success.

Do values shape culture or does your culture dictate your values?


Transparency—everything we do and say, from materials to pricing to staffing plans, is clearly written and open for you to confirm. We spell out everything in the bid so that you know exactly what you are paying for and why.
Adaptability—we select our staff to complement our values and be able to demonstrate their ability to adapt to our company culture. We expect our team to successfully handle any situation competently and professionally.
Accountability—our actions reflect our culture, even when unexpected things happen. Any time that a “mistake” may occur, we view this as an opportunity for open communication to enable continuous improvement, both personally and professionally. Many times, how a situation is handled can positively affect future outcomes. At AICBS, we believe in making sure the same mistake doesn’t happen twice.

We have only the most competent, trustworthy, and productive individuals on our team

Our Management Team

Loyalty is not earned in one day, loyalty is earned day-to-day.


Rami Al-Zoubi

As CEO of All Inclusive Commercial Building Solutions, Rami is responsible for developing the vision of the company and integrating these policies into day-to-day operations. He helps steer our strategy for new business models, site plans and customer satisfaction. Having worked in customer service and sales his entire adult life, Rami has focused his career on implementing solutions that best serve his clients. He understands that loyalty does not come from being the cheapest, but instead comes from being the best.

Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.


Jamil ``Jimmy`` Issa

As Co-Founder, Jimmy handles every aspect of operations, executes all company policies, and ensures that quality is met at all levels. He has over 10 years of managerial experience with his last three being quality-focused. Jimmy understands the value of an entire team and what it takes to provide the highest quality solutions for every type of facility. Being a leader who truly believes that everything starts with the employees, Jimmy is often found working along side them.

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