Eliminate the Possible Risks of Dirty Cans

The convenience of having a clean trash and recycle bin is essential. However, there is no disputing that no one likes to go near a dirty bin. Especially when it contains build up you can smell. Our goal is to provide an efficient, easily affordable, curbside trash and recycle bin cleaning service for you and your family. Cleaning your bins protects your loved ones from the hazards of bacterial and fungal infections commonly detected on, in and around, uncleaned bins.
Think for a minute for what you actually place in your trash bin.
Food remnants, including meat, fish, and poultry
Soda cans and bottles
The contents of your vacuum cleaner
Food packaging and takeout containers
Disposable diapers
Pet waste
The AICBS system is 100% environmentally friendly · Fully self-contained cleaning unit will high-pressure clean, disinfect, and deodorize your garbage totes right outside your premises · All wastewater is disposed safely at a locally approved treatment facility · Hypoallergenic green-certified solution has a natural pleasant scent and does not employ chemical fragrances.

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